New Image of the Parish

Untitled 7In 2006, the Parish Pastoral Council under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Albet Arockiasamy and his assistant, Rev. Fr. Michael Chua, conducted a survey to ascertain the aspirations of the parish community in order to determine a course of direction for the next 10 years. The result of this survey is the Parish Vision Statement.

In the following year (2007), the Parish launched the New Image of the Parish (NIP) renewal programme. The NIP basically seeks to facilitate the transformation of the parish into a Welcoming Church, a Communion of Communities, i.e. to realise the Parish Vision Statement. NIP as a method can be understood as "a strategic way of facilitating parish planning and renewal with clear goal-oriented objectives, systematic monitoring and evaluation mechanisms."

This renewal plan stretches over 9 years beginning 2007. In the 10th year, we hope to be able achieve the goals set out in our parish vision statement.