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Mass Schedule

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Important Information

For All Masses/Services

1) Pre-registration is required through the parish website registration portal for all Masses and Services. (WhatsApp, Email or Verbal registration is not valid)

As long as the mass schedule table in the registration portal shows positive available seats, you may proceed to register. In the event that you cannot secure a seat, please do not despair. We will be live-streaming all Masses and Services and you can still follow us on-line.

2) Masses are opened FOR ALL AGES

3) Register ONLY IF you are sure you will attend mass. Do be mindful that as seats are limited, every available seat is precious.

4) Before submitting, CHECK your details (DO NOT submit twice. If you think you've made a mistake, please Submit an Enquiry using the "Contact Us" link)

5) Click SUBMIT and if your registration is accepted you should see a GREEN TICK with your registration code. You are DONE! (email confirmation is optional)
You can check your registration code by tapping/clicking on the "History" button on top of the page.

6) Repeat the same steps for EACH Family Member who are attending together with you (please ensure that you only register ONCE for EACH member with the correct details)

7) Should you not be able to attend Mass/Service on the selected day(s) due to an emergency or for health reasons, you're REQUIRED to submit a cancellation request using the "Contact Us" link at least one day earlier. This will allow other parishioners to register for your seat.

8) Do come AT LEAST 30 MINS BEFORE Mass/ Service begins. Otherwise, your seats will be given to walk-ins as it would not be fair to hold the seats after this time.

THANK YOU for your kind Cooperation, Understanding & Patience!🙏🏽

Registration for Mass

I hereby acknowledge that:
  • I have read and agree to all the information in the "Important Information" section

  • I am physically healthy and not exhibiting symptoms of fever, sore throat, cough or shortness of breath

  • I did not have close contact with a COVID-19 patient in the last 14 days


How do I know whether my registration was successful?

You should see a green tick and your registration code, like the example shown below.

Must I note down or screenshot my registration code?

We strongly encourage parishioners to do so as this will ease the verification process when you arrive at Church.

What if I don't remember my registration code?

You can check you registration code by tapping/clicking on the "History" button on top of the registration page.

Who do I contact if I have futher questions?

You can use this online form to contact us.