Resuming of Masses After COVID-19

Masses Resuming soon

Please take note and follow the guidelines.

Congregations are limited to 380 parishioners only and only open to Malaysian citizens who are holding Malaysian identity card. (Foreigners or permanent residents are excluded) Children age 12 yrs and below are not allowed to participate in the Mass. 
ONLY LIMITED TO BECS stipulated for that particular Sunday Mass.PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR BEC / ZONE COORDINATORS. All names of those attending Mass must be submitted to your BEC leaders by Thursday before the date scheduled for Mass. Then names must be restricted only to those from respective BECs. Names that are not in the list provided are not allowed to attend the Mass. This is to ensure that at all relevant times, SOPs provided both by the Federal and State Government are complied by the Church.

Mass are scheduled as follows:
1) 28th Jun (Sun) : 9.00 am (Eng) - Only BECs St. James (Z-2) / St. Simon (Z-4) and St. Paul (Z-5)
2) 5th July (Sun) : 9.00 am (Tamil) - Only BECS Zone 1to 7 & 9 (BECS St. Anthony / St. Patrick/St. Raymond / St. Zaccheus / St. Hilary 1 / St.Maria / St. Gertrude / St. Denis / St. Aloysius / St. Paul / St. Robert / St. Stephen / St. Timothy. / St. Cecilia / St. Raphael / Dt. David / St. John Vianney
3) 12th July (Sun) : 9.00 am (BM) / 9.00 am (Mand) - Details to be informed later.
4) 19th July (Sun) : 8.00 am (Tamil) : 11.00 am (Eng) - Details to be informed later.
5) 26th July (Sun) : 8.00 am (Tamil) : 11.00 am (Eng) - Details to be informed later.

Compliance of SOP (Standard Operation Procedure)
a) Those attending Mass are to adhere to the instructions/SOP given and cooperate with the service coordinators.
b) Those attending Mass are to bring along their Identity Card (I.C.)
c) Those who are sick and having symptom like flu, sore throat, cough, difficulty in breathing please do not attend the Mass even if you are in the list.
d) Wear a mask / registration / temperature taking / sanitizing hands before entering for Mass and exiting the Church after Mass.
e) A card with number is given to each parishioner for attending Mass, keep it safe and to return at the exit point after Mass.
f) There will be no Confession for the time being, please take note
g) Please take your seat at the pew according to the instructions given.
h) No touching/hugging/shaking hands. Communion to be received by hand only.
i) Using of toilets be disciplined, not to crowd in. Social distancing to be maintainedj) You are required to leave immediately after Mass.

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