Year of Mercy Camp 2016 - Primary Level - 24th to 26th June, 2016

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Following the Year of Mercy (YOM) Camp for Form 1 to Form 3 (held from April 22nd to 24th, 2016 at the Visitation Catholic Centre (VCC)), a similar camp was conducted for Standard 4 to Standard 6 RE English speaking students at the same venue. The camp was held from June 24th to 26th, 2016. A total of 90 students attended the camp facilitated by a team of 15 catechists headed by Camp Minister Jamie Lim and assisted by 5 youths.

The day started with Bible Enthronement led by Jamie followed by Opening Prayer and welcoming speech by Elizabeth Chong (Chief Coordinator of Religious Education(RE) in Church of Visitation, Seremban). Following this, an ice-breaking session was held (uncovering beatitudes) by Stephanie and friends. Like in the previous YOM camp, two movies were shown – “Up” a 2009 movie and “Brother Bear” a 2003 Walt Disney animation. These movies were shown for reflection on The Beatitudes.

A group of youths led by Justin Wan was present to host games and for praise and worship. Tamil speaking catechists were also there to prepare for a similar camp for Tamil speaking primary students.

Another group of catechists headed by Maryanne was on hand to see everyone got their meals throughout the duration of the camp. At 10.30pm, some parents volunteered to take charge as night chaperones for both male and female dormitories and as night security.

The next 2016 YOM camps planned for the Church of Visitation are:

Primary level (RE Tamil) on August 12th to 14th

Secondary level (RE Tamil) on August 19th to 21st

Combined Primary & Secondary level (RE Chinese) on September 16th to 18th

A word of thanks to Stephanie Claudia Sua and Jamie Lim for YOM camp photos.

Photos can be viewed at the link below :