A total of 106 confirmands from all 4-language speaking group – 90 students and 16 adults, received the Sacrament of Confirmation during the Confirmation mass held on 9th July, 2017 at the Church of The Visitation, Seremban. The 5.00 pm mass was celebrated by His Grace Archbishop Julian Leow and concelebrated by Parish Priests, Rev. Father George Harrison and Rev Fr. Andrew Kooi. The confirmands arrived and assembled at the Community Hall as early as 4.00 pm. The Religious Education (RE) teachers were seen busy organizing them and ensuring their respective seating arrangements. They then proceeded to the front of the church for a group photo with the Celebrants. The church was packed with family members, relatives and friends who have come from far and near to witness the celebration.

The multi-lingual mass was animated by youths and the Liturgy team with the first and second readings were read in Tamil and Mandarin respectively, while the Gospel text in English was read by Fr. George Harrison.

Archbishop Julian in his homily which was delivered in English, BM and Mandarin, asked the congregation and especially to the confirmands some thought provoking questions such as, “Do they know the King that they follow? Why they are Catholics today and believe in the person of Jesus who hung on the Cross? Why are they following Him? What is the purpose of being here on earth and How are they to be Church in Malaysia?”. He went on to say that failing to know the answers would result in not knowing what they are supposed to do as Catholics. In making reference to the readings, the Archbishop said that Jesus’ way is the Way of the Cross and they are called to serve and to be peace makers. Recalling Palm Sunday, he said, that Jesus who rode a donkey, signified humility and a King that brings peace to the world. “Our role is to bring peace in relationships with one another, in the communities and in the country”, he said. Being a minority in this country of 30 million people (the Catholic population is about 1 million people), he stressed the need to bear witness as Church in this country. Turning to the confirmands, he said the Sacrament of Confirmation completes the Sacrament of Initiation (Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation) and thus they are no longer children but adult Catholics. Thorough-out the homily, His Grace had repeatedly mentioned the word peace which is in contrast with the present situation of the world that are weighed down with wars, turmoil, hatred, misunderstandings, jealousy and unspiritual lives. These situation, he said, is not the way of life of Jesus and that of the Holy Spirit. He urged all to be an instrument of unity, peace and to be part of the solution rather the problem. He concluded the homily by asking all to pray for the grace and courage to speak up and stand up for the voiceless. To be courageous witness of Jesus and to see God in every human person around us. He once again asked all present to pray for the confirmands that they remain steadfast in their faith, share them with others and bear witness to Christ in whatever they say and do. Guided by the RE teachers, each confirmand with their sponsors then approached the Archbishop who assisted by both the parish priests for anointing with holy chrism oil and a slight blow (a tap) on the cheek.

At the concluding rites, Fr. George Harrison thanked His Grace for presiding over the mass. He also made mentioned of the outreach activities that the Form 5 confirmands had undertaken, among them a visit to the Hospital, home-bound and the recent Camp held. Among the 106 confirmands, he said, the oldest was a lady, who is in her 80s. The Confirmation mass ended about 7.00 pm. The Archbishop together with Fr. George, Fr. Andrew and the altar server boys had a group photo taken. Parishioners then took the opportunity to take photo and greet the Archbishop, while some seek His blessings.

The Confirmation mass marked the end for the Form 5 students’ journey in the Religious Education (Sunday school or Catechism as it was known before) since they first enrolled 11 years ago in 2007. There are many people that they want to thank for, who have journeyed with them in their faith building, notably their parent/s who remains their first Catechist, their God parent/s, the many Catechists who have volunteered their time to teach and share, the experiences gained during the RE camps they have attended, an encounter with the Priest/s, Religious Brother/s and/or Sister/s. One of the principal duty of a Christian will always remain the same for these 106 confirmands - Prayer. Prayer to know, to love and to serve God even more earnestly than before. May the sacramental grace of Confirmation that they received, help them to live out their faith loyally and to profess it courageously.


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Photos by Parish Media team photographer - Vincent Yan. Recording of the Confirmation Mass by Technical team members - Arul, John and Julian and posted on YouTube. Video editing by Julian Yong.