EVE of GO MAD 2 - 15th September 2017

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It was 8.40 pm and the Church of The Visitation, Seremban is usually quiet around this time with the side gate still half opened for those who might want to light a candle and pray at the Grotto and/or at the Prayer Station before it closes at about 10.00 pm. But on 15th Sept, Friday night, on eve of Hari Malaysia, it was the opposite. There were scenes of activities in the front of the Church, near the Grotto area, at the Visitation community hall and at the cafeteria. Youths from the 4-language group, the Orang Asli, parishioners from KUBM, members from the BECs can be seen. Parish Priest Rev Fr. George Harrison, Rev Fr. Andrew Kooi, members from the PMEIA and the Church of Visitation’s 170 years anniversary celebration organizing chairperson Jerome and committee member Charles Fernandez were there. Also seen were part of the band Os Pombos members - Jeffrey, Jude, Ronald and Bernie.

Slide BCanopy tents were erected around the Church grounds on the day before. Sound system and equipment were brought in and assembled. Various booth games were put up. The youths were seen practising, the organizing committee members making final arrangements, while members from the BECs were decorating their respective booths and the Technical team members were testing the sound systems to ensure all in order. In couple of hours’ time today, 16th Sept, the 2nd edition of Go MAD (Make A Difference) carnival will kick off at 9.00 am. For both the Parish Priests, the Go MAD 2 organizing committee members led by Glen Sebastian and those who have been working behind the scene, the day has finally come. Besides parishioners from the Visitation Church, distinguished guests, members from the MCCBCHST and other visitors will come and be part of the celebration of unity as the nation commemorates Hari Malaysia.

The fun-filled carnival with the theme “Unity in Divinity” will culminate with Sunset mass at 6.00 pm. To ensure the Eucharistic celebration runs smooth, the head of Liturgy team Mary Rajoo, the Extraordinary Minister of Communion head Spencer Sequerah, the Hospitality Ministry head Patricia Dorothy, the Sacristan Anthony, PMEIA head Christopher Krishnan and Fr. George Harrison were discussing in front of the Sanctuary.

Photos by Parish Media Team