RE Cultural Night - Unity in Culture - 18th November 2017

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The RE (Religious Education) cultural night held on 18th November, 2017 on the eve of last day of RE class, truly showcased the many talents of the RE children that captivated the heart of the audience on that night. With the theme “Unity in Culture – One Lord for All and All for One Lord”, the show brought together RE children of all 4 language groups from primary, secondary levels and their teachers. At about 7.45pm, the Visitation Community hall were filled to capacity by parents, RE teachers, relatives and parishioners of The Visitation Church.

Parish Priest Rev. Fr. George Harrison in his Opening and Welcoming speech said, the show exposed the wonderful and hidden talents of the RE children who were supported and encouraged by their parents, grandparents and RE teachers. He said the Cultural show was a night to remembered and part of the on-going celebration of the Church’s 170 years anniversary celebration. Its time to give thanks and praise to God, he added.

The RE cultural show 2017 were emceed by two vibrant and charmingly – Daryll Darshan and Audrey Sumitra Dass, both  catechist themselves. Helping them was Wilson Yeo and overseeing the running of the show according to the programme planned were Juliana Cantius, Anthony Param and Gerald Victor who provided the music. Also in attendance were Assistant Parish Priest, Rev Fr. Andrew Kooi and Jerome Selva Retnam, the Chairperson of the 170 years anniversary celebration committee of Church of The Visitation.

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The first performance of the day were by 20 children from the Nursery and Kindergarten who were dressed in traditional costumes and greeted the audience in various languages.

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The 3 hours cultural show, saw a total of 23 performances that got the audience amazed and delighted at what these RE children are capable of. Among the performances were cultural, folk, Portuguese and Bollywood dance, solo dance, singing by children choir, a Fashion show, a sketch and Wushu demonstration by two Form 3 girls. The singing of the 1985 song “We Are the World” (a song written by the late Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie) by the Standard 5 children got the audiences singing along.

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The show took a short break in between for the audience to join in a dinner cum fellowship with the Parish Priests and RE teachers. Packed food was also prepared for the RE children who performed on that day.

After the break, the show continued with performances by the secondary level. It was made mentioned that some of the dance were choreographed by the students themselves.

Form 1

Form 2
In his closing speech, Fr. George asked the audience if the show was beautiful and to which the audience gave a resounding yes and followed by applause. He thanked all the parents, RE teachers and RE children for a wonderful show. Just when everything was over, Fr. George felt that there should be another one more performance. This was when he called the RE teachers to the stage. About 11 RE teachers led by Anthony Param (the RE chief coordinator) went up to the stage spontaneously and performed a dance which got the audience cheering. The show ended closed to 11.00 pm.

This was what some of the RE teachers had to say after the show ;

“It was such an amazing day and the children did so well. They are truly chosen and have brought out the best in them” …Juliana Cantius.

“Great performances by all our RE children, their talents are truly God blessed”…Stella D’Silva.

“Their performances were truly exquisite. Its been a long time since RE had last organized such event. They really bonded with one another. Noticed many had come out of their shell and shined”…Gerald Victor.

The next day (19th November) marked the last day of RE class and respective classes had their class party. The Religious Education will take a break during the on-going school holidays and will resume on 7th January 2018. Until then, wishing all a Happy Holiday and muchas gracias to Fr. George Harrison, Fr. Andrew Kooi, all RE teachers of all language group, children and parents for encouraging and supporting the Religious Education in the Church of The Visitation.

Photos by Church of Visitation Social Communication. For more photos please click HERE.