Palm Sunday - 2018

Palm Sunday - the feast which commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, was celebrated on 25th March 2018. It marked the end of the 40 days of Lent which begun on 14th February 2018. The sunset mass on 24th March was celebrated by Parish Priest, Rev Fr. George Harrison. Parishioners gathered at the grotto with palms in their hands. A group of primary children from the Religion Education with palms and holding placards were there. Also, in the crowd were youths of the parish. Fr. George with the help from the Communion ministers went around blessing the palms. The procession into the church followed suit, led by the altar servers, RE children, youths carrying the wooden cross, the readers, Fr George, Communion ministers and rest of the faithful. In his homily, Fr. George reminded the congregation that our Christian life is not of the feel-good kind of life and that our faith should be tested instead of bargaining easily. He also warned that we should not seek God to immediately solve our problems but instead to be in silence and contemplate in the presence of God especially during the holiest of the holy week. Before the final blessing, Fr. George called the youths to the sanctuary and bless them. 

The next day 25th March, Assistant Parish Priest, Rev Fr. Andrew Kooi celebrated the 9.00 am mass. The order of the day was similar to the sunset mass which begun at the grotto. In his homily, Fr. Andrew said that we should whole heartedly strive to live our lives following God’s ways instead of the human ways although it is not going to be easy. He further added that God’s ways come with a price in the form of be ridiculed, made fun of, being persecuted and even death like what Jesus himself had gone through. Before the final blessing, Fr. Andrew officially launched the parish level “Year for the Youth” (Tahun untuk Belia) witnessed by the youths of the parish and the congregation. Fr. Andrew together with Fr. George later blessed the youths who gathered at the sanctuary. The “Year for the Youth” organized by ASAYO KL, runs from 25th March, 2018 to 14th April, 2019.

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Photos by Visitation Social Communication and Media Ministry.