Breakfast Sale by Visitation's Migrants - 12th Aug, 2018

The Church of the Visitation, Seremban in the past has invited Ministries and BECs to come forward and organise breakfast sales at its cafeteria. The Sunday breakfast sales have benefited both the organisers and parishioners especially children who are attending Religious Education (RE) classes. The Visitation’s Migrant ministry (under the umbrella of PIHDM) led by its chairperson David Nunis and his team of dedicated members accepted the invitation and organised one on the 12th August 2018. It was the first time they have organised such an event.

According to David, the event was to build bridges between parishioners and fellow migrants and to be in solidarity with them through friendship, care and support. The breakfast sales started from 7.30 am and ended at about 1.00 pm. The Myanmar and Pakistani migrants came forward to sell their specialty like Glass noodle soup, Pork sausages and Chapati with shredded chicken, potatoes, onions and six species. (due to an unexpected event, Indonesian migrants with their specialty nasi kunning – a fragrant rice dish cooked with coconut milk and turmeric, could not participate on that day).

Hot and cold drinks were also on sale. Due to the overwhelming support from the parishioners, chapati was sold out after the English mass and followed by pork sausages. The overall event was a success and it brought a new experience for the Myanmar and Pakistani migrants.

It is hoped that the event will inspire other migrants in the Church of the Visitation to participate in future breakfast sales that will be undertaken by the Migrant ministry. The Holy Father, Pope Francis has called for people around the world to “embrace” the migrants and refugees. We thank God for the presence of our migrant brothers and sisters in our Visitation community as it offers us an opportunity to encounter with Jesus!

Photos by Visitation Social Communication & Media Ministry