Visitation Senior Parishioners Christmas Fellowship - 8th Dec, 2019

The Church of Visitation Senior Parishioners (VSPF) held their Christmas fellowship on Sunday 8th December 2019 at the VSPF Corner. Thirty-five (35) senior parishioners attended the fellowship which started at 5.00 pm. In her opening address, VSPF president, Marjorie De Souza warmly welcomed all members. The VSPF advisor, George Lim gave his Christmas speech.

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The VSPF members sang a birthday song for Rosemary, while Marjorie sang an anniversary song for her husband, Augustine. The VSPF faithful attendance award was presented to Rosemary and Francis Sanjivee.  The Visitation Senior Parishioners meet on the second Sunday of each month at the same venue.

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The occasion was graced by the presence of Carmelite Priest, Rev Fr. Kenneth Gopal OCD. He was accompanied by Brother George and Brother Fernando, both from Sabah. Their presence and participation in the day’s program delighted everyone. The program for the afternoon included songs led by Allan Wooden on his guitar, games, forfeits, surprise gifts, fruit cake, a variety of delicious food and hot tea.    

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The highlight of the day was the Jesse Tree – a decorative tree used during Advent to retell the stories of the Bible that leads to Jesus’ birth on Christmas day. VSPF members recalled enthusiastically, the people, their experiences, events and prophesies in the Bible and worked their way through the scriptures to the birth of Jesus. Each member placed a symbol on the Jesse Tree which represents Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. Fr. Kenneth then drew participants attention to the 1st symbol of the Jesse tree which was the 1st reading from of Isaiah 11: 1-10 on 2nd Sunday of Advent, for members to reflect and ponder.

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Everyone had a memorable and enjoyable time and thanked Fr. Kenneth and both the Brothers. The program came to an end at 7.00 pm with a closing prayer and blessing by Fr. Kenneth.

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Article and photos by the Visitation Senior Parishioners (VSPF) committee.