VSPF - Fellowship on 12 Jan, 2020

The Visitation Senior Parishioners Fellowship (VSPF) held their first fellowship on 12 Jan, 2020 at the VSPF corner. Joining them were a group of fellow Senior Parishioners from The Church of The Holy Family, Kajang. VSPF President, Marjorie De Souza welcomed Joseph S, Margaret Soosay, Rosaline, Andrew Nathan and Mary Paul. She thanked them for their presence and participation. The fun evening was filled with sing-along, games, lucky draw and fellowship. The birthday song was sung and blessings for Sicilia, Anthony and Allan. This fellowship comes one month after their Christmas fellowship held on 8 Dec, 2019. Age is only a number and certainly not a barrier for the Visitation Senior Parishioners to come together in unity to enjoy one another’s friendship in Christ. 

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Article and Photos by Visitation Senior Parishioners Fellowship