Parish Priest: Fr. George Harrison



Parish Priest: Fr. George Harrison

Dear parishioners , Zone / BEC leaders ,

Peace of the risen Lord to all!

As we begin the novena today and preparation for feast of our parish , I invite all of you to stay focused and faithful to the praying of the rosary and the monthly reflection "Mary , star of all nations". The apostles of the early church were devoted to prayer and the sharing of the word of God .

Today we begin by reflecting on the theme 'disciples of hope'. We are going to reflect next on what Mary mother of Jesus teaches us about hope filled disciples of the church . We are recommitting ourselves as a family and pray one hour adoring the Lord in the blessed sacrament . On Wednesday 24/5 and Friday 26/5 are two days set aside for your BEC gathering for prayer and fellowship .  Finally on the feast day , we make a journey together in the procession of our lady witnessing and reflecting on our life's journey .

We now look forward for the launching and preparation of the 170 yrs of birth of this parish in Seremban . In all these, we become Creative, Inclusive and Bridge building disciples of Hope as Christ and His church invites us to be. So let's be excited and Let's make this happen , our personal involvement and presence will b truly appreciated. May Mary of visitation pray for us, lead us to Jesus . Tq God bless u all.

Fr George Harrison

Parish Priest


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Assistant Parish Priest: Fr. Andrew Kooi


Assistant Parish Priest: Fr. Andrew Kooi

To visit means to see how a person is doing, and to offer love, care and hospitality towards the other person or persons. When we visit, we offer the gift of ourselves to the other, especially our time and care. As we celebrate our parish Feast day, may we offer the precious gift of ourselves to others, so that through our words and actions, others may come to know Christ.

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Fr. Andrew Kooi


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