Visitation Got Talent (VGT) - 3rd February, 2018

The Church of the Visitation, Seremban on 3rd February 2018, witnessed 24 contestants (Visitation parishioners) battled out in the “The Visitation Got Talent” (VGT) show. The show was part of the on-going celebration towards the 170 years of the Church of the Visitation. It featured singers, dancers and other performers from the youngest contestant of 7 years old to the oldest 63 years old.  The show was hosted by the versatile Daryll Darshan. It started at 7.30 pm after the sunset mass in the Visitation Community Hall. The audience were made up of family members of the contestants and parishioners. Also, in attendance were Parish Priests Rev. Fr George Harrison, Rev. Fr Andrew Kooi and Jerome Selva Retnam, who is the Chairperson of the 170 years celebration committee.

The contestants show-cased their talent and skill in front of a panel of 5 judges headed by Fr George. (The other judges were Edward Joseph, Janice Wong, Felicia Wong - from Visitation Church and Michael Anthony – Church of St. John Vianney, Tampin).

The performances on that night were mainly singing and dancing that saw siblings, mother and daughter team took part. Some of the dance were choreographed by the dancers themselves. Other performances were individuals on the keyboard, the harmonica, the ukulele, a magic show, the diabolo (derived from the Chinese yo-yo) and a short play entitled “Silence Speaks” by a 6-members group.

Music, sound and lighting effects were provided by Laser Sound Entertainment. Over-seeing and coordinating the whole show were the VGT organizing committee members headed by Adrian. The last performance of the day was at about 10.45 pm, after which the judges adjourned to the Bible hall to decide on the winners. The winners were based on a voting system, where 70% votes are from the judges and the remaining 30% from the audience. The audience were asked to SMS (short messaging system) their pick of the winners to the numbers displayed on the screen provided. Having finalised the winners, the judges then made their way back to the hall with the results. As a token of appreciation, fruits hampers were presented to the judges by Jerome on the stage.

This followed by each contestant was called to the stage to receive a gift from Fr George for their participation.

At 11.25 pm, the list of winners was handed over to Daryll to announce. The moment that all were waiting for has finally arrived! Much to the delight and surprise of her parents, 7-year-old Natalie Chuan who sang Charlie Puth’s “One Call Away” came out as the 3rd place winner. The 2nd place winner was the 5-members group (Michelle Chin, Joannie Chin, Jennifer Yap, Clara Tong & Agnes Loh) called the “Women Voice”. To the surprise of many, 11 years old Brendan Loh who performed the magic show and Ignatius Wong were declared as the joint 1st place winners.

The Visitation Got Talent came to a closed at about 11.35 pm with a group photo on the stage. The following week on 11th February 2018, all the participants were awarded with trophies and prizes at the respective language masses.


Photos by Vincent Yan / Church of The Visitation’s Facebook page & Contributors at the respective masses.