Parish Recycling Project

Dear Friends, let us protect and preserve Mother Nature; Our common home.  

Since March 2020, due to the pandemic, Covid 19 our government has imposed MCO. From then on, all recycling activities in the church were put on hold.  

On 7/3/2021, with the permission of our Parish priest Fr. Xavier,  recycling project was resumed.  Hence, dear parishioners, we continue to encourage you to bring in your recyclable items on every 1st weekend of the month to our church recycling area.  The items are usually sorted out into different categories by PIHDM volunteers and then sold to collection centres.  

All proceeds from the sales will be used for charity purposes, in aid of the poor.

Responding to Pope Francis' call in 'Laudato Si ', we look forward to your continuous effort towards protecting our common home.

Thank you. 

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