Careglove Packing Project

Thumbs up to the PIHDM of the Church of Visitation Seremban. Recently some volunteers from the ministry of PIHDM  participated in a "Careglove Packing Project" . This is a collaboration project in conjunction with the CSR  policy of Careplus Properties Sdn BHD.  
Our team was indeed fortunate to obtain the sponsorship of 100 cartons of surgical powder free gloves by the said company.Within 10days, that is from 4th Oct to  15th Oct 2021 , the team managed to fulfill the target of packing 100 cartons of gloves. During this "fellowship packing" the volunteers had the privilege to experience and follow strictly the SOPs and procedures required to carry out the packing process. All the gloves will be delivered to AOHD KL and to some NGOs for charity purpose. A note to all the volunteers (senior citizens) by parish priest ,
Fr Xavier: Thank you for giving your precious time and tireless efforts to make this team effort a success. The Church of Visitation Seremban is proud of you all. God's blessing is upon you and your families.
Take care. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ₯°

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