Lenten Campaign Outreach - No 2.

On Sunday 17/3/2024, members of Visitation recycling team organized a Free/flea market for about 45 targeted needy families under PIHD ministries and NGO. The purpose of having the Free/flea market is to let these needy families take items that they need, for free. Donation boxes were placed at the stalls for those who wished to give back any amount to help others in return.At 9.00am volunteers started setting up the stalls and arranging things according to categories like kitchenware, household items, electrical items, toys, shoes, bags, clothing, stationery , vegetables  etc. At 2.00pm , adoptees and orang Asli began arriving. They went from stall to stall to choose items that they needed.It was a joy to see them happily browsing and picking up the items,  especially the children who were so excited with the toys section.  Provisions were also given to 6 orang Asli families who were in need. Each family went home carrying bags filled with assorted items. Recycling team would like to thank the parishioners for donating their preloved items , supporting and making the event a success.

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More Photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11dqhmACYJCjACuhBKgn3j6ZPDvi8d3kc?usp=sharing