Visitation Recycling Team - Thanksgiving and Appreciation Dinner

On 5th May 2024, volunteers of the Visitation Recycling Team were treated to a dinner at Sg Ujung Club, Seremban.  It was a gesture of thanksgiving and appreciation to the past and present volunteers of the team.
The event commenced at 6.45pm. Volunteers enjoyed a 7 course dinner amidst laughter and chatter. Soft music helped to set the mood for the evening. 
Speeches were given by Fr. Xavier, John, Bernadette and Gregory. Fr. Xavier presented gifts (token) to the members who had left the team this year after the election, for their dedicated service and support in the past.
The dinner ended at around 9.00pm . The expenses for the dinner and gifts (token)  were covered by the recycling account which included sales from recycling, flea markets and the thrift shop. 
A memorable evening to remember. All praise and thanks to God for the spirit of service given to everyone in the team.

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