Mother's Day Celebration by Visitation Women’s Ministry

The Women's Ministry from the Church of Visitation celebrated Mother's Day for about 120 mothers from different language groups. The event was held at Visitation Hall on the 11th of May 2024.   Gloria Jay ,the coordinator of the ministry and the event manager for the day planned and executed the event together with committee members of Women's Ministry.

The day started as early 7.30am with registration with a minimum fee of RM5.00, a door gift was given to each mother as a token of appreciation of their participation. The attendees were welcomed by Gloria with a speech and she got them together for a short Praise & Worship sing along session.  Rosemarie the Assistant Coordinator, ushered Fr Xavier Andrew to render his impactful speech. He encouraged women in general and mothers in particular to be models to their children for spiritual and moral aspects.

The highlight of the day was the Zumba session where mothers young and old were so energetic and active, even those who could not be on their feet were moving to the fast Zumba beat on their seats.  Another popular activity was the singing and dancing which lasted for about 30 minutes.  The ladies were enjoying themselves singing and dancing to the tunes of the oldies.  Next was the line dancing which saw the ladies move gracefully and swaying to the popularize songs.

During the games slot, the participants “passed the parcel” where the participants had to pick a paper from the parcel and perform the tasks written on it.  Another game was to mimic the action of the first participant and to show it to the next participant without her knowing what the first person did, the outcome of their actions was so hilarious.  The final game was to scoop cotton balls from a ladle and fill into a basket, while being blind folded.

The last activity was the lucky Draw where the mothers’ names were drawn and prizes were given away by PIHD Chairman John Davidson.  Finally, all the mothers came together for the fellowship and took that opportunity to connect and strengthen the bonds within the community. It was indeed a memorable Mother’s Day celebration for all mothers of the Visitation Church.

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